Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mother & Child Project

In Ethiopia,  women prefer to labor at home because of deeply rooted tradition.  If complications arise,  this can be tragic.  Ethiopia has one of the highest maternal/newborn mortality rates in the world as well as one of the highest rates of obstetric fistula.  In an attempt to encourage women from Gimbichu and the surrounding kebeles to come to the clinic to safely deliver their babies,  my friend and medical director Binyam has created plans to build a culturally relevant and traditional labor and delivery room.  This has been proven to work in other areas.  He will also travel with a team providing education.  He is dedicated and brilliant.  HE knows what works and that is why I listen to him.  I am also dedicated to helping him with this proactive project.  Another important aspect is that we will hire local people and use local supplies in the building of this room.  Involving the community is always a good thing.  I am beyond excited.

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